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Our philosophy is built around the belief that consumers, producers and the environment can all mutually benefit in an exchange, when we consider each other through the process.

We have grouped our products into five primary eco value categories so you can search depending on your category of interest. However, as each one of our products must deliver more than one eco value to be selected you can be assured that all of our products are at least Fair Trade or Responsible.

Prior to selecting products we investigate the source of production and certification declared so that the claims we make to you are genuine.

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Fair Trade is about empowering producers in developing nations by ensuring:

  1. producers get a fair wage for their goods and services

  2. healthy and safe working conditions, including equal employment opportunities

  3. exploitative child or forced labour are not allowed

  4. producers and buyers develop long-term relationships

  5. producers have access to financial and technical assistance

  6. s ustainable production practices are encouraged

Together we can create more awareness of consumer power and make a real change by supporting and buying fairly traded products.

Local is a reference to buying goods that originated from Australia - designed, grown or produced.

The Australian Made Group sum up the benefits as;

It’s good for you:

  1. you obtain quality products made to a standard with warranties attached.

It’s good for your family and friends:

  1. When you buy Australian made and grown products, you can be sure you are keeping your family members and friends employed.

It’s good for Australia:

  1. for every $1 million of new or retained business in Australia, the following effects flow through the economy:

  2. - $333,900 worth of tax revenue is generated

  3. - $985,000 worth of value-added is generated

  4. - $95, 000 worth of welfare benefits are saves

  5. - 10 full time jobs are created

Read more:             www.australianmade.com.au


There are many benefits to using organic and natural products.

Natural and organic products are good for the environment because they are produced to minimise their environmental impact at each phase of their life cycle.

They are also good for you - as they do not contain toxic chemicals.

There are lots of good reasons why we should be recycling and reducing our waste.

By recycling, we are protecting our environment and reducing pollution in our water, air and land. Recycling doesn’t have to be limited to the more common renewable resources such as paper, aluminium, plastic, cardboard, cork, water, food and vegetable scraps. Recycling can also include items such as clothing and furniture.

Everyone can recycle and contribute to a sustainable lifestyle, whilst reducing the impact on our environment.

We may not be able to enjoy the benefits of all products without some environmental degradation and some health risks - but we can aim to be safer and more sustainable in how we make and use products.

Responsible describes those products that have had their life cycle designed to reduce the risk of adverse enviromental, health and safety impacts or they may educate us on how to be more environmentally friendly and encourage sustainable practice.

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