Eco Manifesto

Eco Manifesto aims to promote the people and planet benefits of fair trade and self-reliance through our support of micro-enterprise.


Having spent a considerable amount of time in the co-operative movement within Australia and the Pacific; working with a range of community groups, we are keen to share the learning and contribute to their market capability.


Locally we also aim to partner with like-minded organisations to generate employment skills training opportunities to youth. Students will learn about the social business sector and the importance of choosing products that are environmentally friendly. Two topics not often addressed in the formal learning system.


The Eco Manifesto store oulets serve to promote our micro-enterprise partners and provides hands on market and e-business experience for students. Our customers contribute towards both the sustainability of each micro-enterprise and the training programs - each time they purchase a product; through co-operation we achieve a win for all.


Thank you for your support.


The Eco Manifesto Team