Finger Puppets

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Kenana Knitters – Njoro, Kenya

Kenana Knitters was founded on the premise that it’s possible to change lives stitch by stitch. The organisation hopes to share the stories of rural Kenyan women through their unique, hand-knitted creations. It’s our privilege to be part of the distributorship within Australia for the women of Kenana Knitters.

Kenana Knitters is a grassroots business that was founded in 1998 by local Kenyan, Patricia Nightingale. Patricia wanted to assist a group of individuals who were lacking a market for their homespun wool. With clever consideration, she helped transform their yarn into unique creations with her distinctive designs, including plush toys, home décor, clothing and accessories. With a vision to further impact the community, Kenana Knitters taught women in the area to knit beautiful, organic products using local, sustainable resources. By providing a safe, family-friendly working environment, Kenana Knitters empowers women, offering them a chance to work and take charge of their lives, with pride and dignity. Regular work with Kenana Knitters has allowed some women to fully educate their children .

Today, Kenana Knitters employs and pays fair wages to over 500 knitters and spinners. The organisation exports a collection of unique products to countries around the world. It also provides a monthly health clinic for the women, savings plan and access to free electricity for phone and torch charging. In addition, an on-site sea container has been equipped with laptops so that students about to enter university can complete a short course in computer skills.

Eco Values: Handmade & Fair Trade

Finger Puppets (Set of 5)