Laptop bag recycled from cement bags.
Can be used for other purposes

How unique yet practical. The bag which is strong and waterproof is made from cement bag material . The design is unique depending on the cement bag brand and area of the cement bag used.

This bag is strong, durable, waterproof but still very light.
It is ideal for taking to the beach or shopping. 

Eco Values : Recycled and Fair Trade

Our Bengali friends came up with this innovative idea in the aftermath of the SIDR Cyclone. The plain cement bags were very much in demand when the NGO’s purchased them to carry vital medicine and rations to the affected people in outlying villages.

Purchased from the fair trade organization SHOHOJOGITA , a Bangladesh word which means “helping each other”. The principal vision is to help the rural poor, widowed, divorced and helpless women by creating employment for them.
SHOHOJOGITA is a non-profitable and non-government social development organization .
SHOHOJOGITA dreams to establish a free society from exploitation, oppression and injustice as well as a society, where each individual will be able to live in peace and harmony.

Lap Top Bag